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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Living Room

Whether you’re renovating your home or you’ve just moved in and need brand-new carpets, you want your living room in Telford to look its best. Carpet installation is an important part of making a room look cohesive, so in this post, we’ll give you five tips for choosing the right carpet for your living room.

 1. Choose the best material 

There is a range of finishes to choose from when it comes to carpets. There was a time when the majority of carpets were made from wool.

Today, nylon made pieces are considered to be the most commonly used carpets in homes.

Generally, the wall-to-wall carpets are made up of any of these five fibres: nylon, polyester, wool, polypropylene (olefin) or acrylic.

We’ll be able to advise you on the best material for your home, needs, and budget.

2. Choose the right colour

You’re not limited to light neutral colours, and more and more people are opting for different colours and a range of patterns to enhance their space.

Generally, lighter colours will make a space feel bigger whereas darker colours will make a room feel cosier.

We have a range of colours for you to look at when you visit our carpet showroom in Telford.

3. Check out samples

There’s really no better way to choose the right carpet than to visit our showroom and look at our extensive range of sample pieces.

This way, you’ll see the colour of the carpet in different light and you’ll be able to feel the texture and thickness to make sure you’re happy with both.

4. Choose the right underlay

Underlay is crucial to make any carpet feel its best underfoot. We have a range of underlay options to help prolong its life and make it feel luxurious when installed in your living room. We’ll walk you through your underlay options and can let you know if your current underlay is sufficient for your new carpet.

5. Hire professional carpet fitters in Telford

Finally, you’ll want to hire a skilled team of carpet fitters to install your new carpet and give you that quality finish. Carpet installation is a skill and when it’s not done correctly, you’ll get gathering and frayed edges that look terrible.

At OakengatesCarpet Company, we have been installing carpets for our clients in Telford and Shropshire since 1965. We provide the very best carpet installation service that we know you’ll be happy with.

Visit our showroom today to see our range of carpets, or call to arrange a free home visit and measurement service: 01952 612698


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