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The Best Flooring Options for Small Spaces

If you have a small living space, a box bedroom, or a tiny office to decorate, choosing the right flooring can be tough. You want to make the room look bigger while showcasing your style. So, which flooring is best for a small room? In this post, our carpet and flooring specialists in Telford will give you their top tips.

1.    Flooring colour

The colour of the floor will dramatically change the feel of a small room. If you want to make the room feel bigger, a lighter colour will bounce the light around more and make it appear more spacious.

If you’re aiming for a cosy feel, a darker colour will make the room feel more closed in and comfortable. This goes for both carpet or wood options like laminate or hardwood.

2.    Wider and bigger planks

A wide-planked wood or laminate flooring option will make the room feel much bigger than it is. Choose something over three inches in width to help give the appearance of a wider room. A longer plank will also help elongate the room and draw the eye across as you walk in.

Laying your wood or laminate flooring in a chevron pattern that points away from the door is another clever way to make the eye travel across the room and give the illusion of more space. 

3.    Use a simple finish

Busy patterns in carpets or a busy finish on hardwood will immediately draw the eye down and make a small room feel cramped.

To give a small room breathing space, choose a plain, simple carpet or a nice plain wood finish to make the room feel less cramped – whichever colour you go for.

You could also go for a tile option if the space is a hallway or porch. A simple finish will make the space feel bigger in a tile, too.

4.    Less is more

When it comes to accessories, less is more. Area rugs will make a small room feel smaller by zoning an already small footprint. Instead, keep the floor as clutter-free as possible to increase walking space and give the impression of more space.

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